• Somriga kläder

    maj 30, 2018

    Visst var det länge sedan jag postade en outfitbild på mig själv? Därför är det helt i sin ordning att lägga upp en nu :-) Riktigt somriga kläder är för mig blommigt och ljust och på mig har jag en topp från H&M med volangärm och ett par ljusrosa byxor från Missguided. Byxorna är vida…

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  • Dubai Outfit #2

    januari 22, 2017

    This is the first dinner-outfit I wore in Dubai. I was a bit unsure whether it would be appropriate or not considering that the skirt is a bit short and that I’m showing my shoulders. But I decided to go for it since I’ve read that it shouldn’t be any problems, and guess what, it…

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  • Wear to Work #4

    november 6, 2016

    Happy Sunday, right? :-) I actually tend to like Sundays quite a lot, mostly because I have no obligations and can do whatever I feel like doing. It’s also the perfect day to have a pampering session – which I had just recently. Now I have freshly painted nails on my toes and fingers, I…

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  • OOTD: Polka Dots

    maj 23, 2014

    It’s so nice that we are getting into summer and hotter weather. The other day when I wore this outfit I almost died because it was so hot outside. Layering isn’t really working in summers unless it is during evenings :-) Anyway, I’ve been trying to wear something else than pants and jeans and even though…

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  • OOTD: Pencil Skirt

    maj 18, 2014

    Two days no see, but I’ve had a hectic weekend and I have only just now found the time to sit down and relax. I thought I’d show you another outfit that I wore to work some days ago. I really like the black pencil skirt and how well it goes with the thin striped…

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  • Weekly Snapshots

    maj 11, 2014

    Hello lovelies! I have a new round of pictures to share with you so I hope you’re ready for it. I’m in such a mood to photograph everything around me so the camera has been working quite a lot these past weeks (I have so much more in store that I’m planning on showing you…

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  • OOTD: Red Leopard

    maj 10, 2014

    Hi all you wonderful people out there, hope you’re doing well! Me and the bf are sitting and having a very late breakfast before it’s time to get ready and meet some friends for a coffee and lunch in the city. I’m also excited for tonight because it’s Eurovision Song Contest, haha. Is anyone still…

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