• Right Now

    maj 11, 2017

    Mitt favoritmellanmål eller kvällssnacks är helt klart frukt! Jag har alltid gillar frukt och bär men nu när jag är gravid vill jag äta det hela tiden. Mest äter jag utav jordgubbar, nektariner, vindruvor, ananas, kiwi och banan. Längtar också efter riktigt goda meloner, tur att vi åker utomlands i sommar så jag kan få…

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  • Healthy Choice: Strawberry Smoothie

    maj 13, 2014

    I use my blender frequently and I love to experiment with different fruits and flavors to get the perfect smoothie. This time I had some fresh strawberries at home and what’s better than to put a few of them in a refreshing drink? What I used:  3 strawberries / 1 banana / juice from 1…

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  • Something good for your soul

    maj 7, 2014

    First of all, throw back Thursday Wednesday in honor of my long hair. Second of all, who else loves a good smoothie? Since I do, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite green smoothies :} This serving is good enough for 2. Prepare: A blender (obviously)  / 1 kiwi / 1/2 dl mango  /…

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  • First Snack Outside

    april 22, 2014

    When living in Sweden one must seize those sunny and warm moments to get the most out of spring and summer. Well, recently we have been very fortunate to have AMAZING weather in this oblong country and I couldn’t be happier. That’s why me and my bf decided to take things outside .. to our balcony.. We…

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  • Healthy Choice: Avocado On Bread

    april 15, 2014

    I love to find a certain food that is delicious and healthy to eat. The past months that food has been avocado. It is so yummy and one can have it to so many dishes. I especially love to put avocado on whole bread (both soft and hard bread) :} Now avocado itself is quite…

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  • Instafood Lately

    mars 16, 2014

    Quite frequently I post my meals and snacks on Instagram {@almson} and here is what I recently ate. Quark with peanutbutter & raspberries (pre-workout snack) / Nachos with salad (post-workout dinner) / Apple slices with vanilla quark & peanutbutter, sprinkled with cinnamon, + a protein shake (post-workout snack) / Banana with peanutbutter + hard rye…

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  • Healthy Choice: Mini Pancakes

    mars 9, 2014

    As you may know, one of my favorite blogger is Suzie {Hello-October}, and I read her blog whenever there is something new to read {I also read things she has written several months/years ago.. not stalkerish at all..}. So Suzie posted a recipe of Hazelnut Pancakes and they looked so delicious that I had to roll…

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