• Vårskor

    mars 7, 2018

    Idag beställde jag nya vårskor till mig. Det blev dessa sneakers från Agnes Cecilia (finns här). Jag gillar att de är feminina i fin rosa färg med satinrosett. Guldöljetterna är också en riktigt fin detalj och så är de i mocka. Kommer bli så fint i vår! Hoppas att de är sköna då jag gärna…

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  • Something new

    augusti 9, 2013

    A couple of things I bought these past weeks :} Sandals from Din Sko Underwear from Gina Tricot Over-knee socks and jumper from Gina Tricot

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  • Duffy

    december 23, 2012

    Much cheaper Jeffrey Campbell look-a-likes :} From Duffy

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  • New Shoes

    oktober 2, 2012

    Aren’t they beautiful? I wore them two days in a row and guess what – NO BLISTERS :) -happy dance- . Most likely I’ll wear them again tomorrow {with my camouflage pants}. Boots from H&M

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  • Babies

    september 23, 2012

    I ordered these pretty ladies from H&M just recently, I fell in love when my friend Selena bought and showed them to me. Although, I’m not sure if she’ll keep her’s due to size-issues or something like that. Anyway, I hope that mine are good! They should be here by next week, how fun! Pictures from H&M,…

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  • London Shopping – Part 2

    september 9, 2012

    Hey people! Here are some more shopping I did in London :} more pictures will come later as well. Nice and sheer black blouse, from Primark Another blouse from Primark, it’s so cute and feminine One more blouse from Primark :) I love the detailing on its sleeves I got a pair of cigarette-pants at…

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  • Raspberry

    februari 5, 2012

    Walking is fun but right now it’s too cold for my taste, but I still have to work in the home-care service which means to run in and out from people’s houses.. COLD!

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