• Hello, hormones speaking

    augusti 31, 2017

    Det är så mycket som händer just nu och många bollar som samtidigt befinner sig i luften – roligt såklart, men oerhört överväldigande som gravid. Vi har börjat packa inför flytten här hemma och tanken var att jag skulle packa lite efter jobbet varje eller varannan dag men det har helt enkelt inte gått. Jag…

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  • Monday

    juli 1, 2013

    Hey lovelies! Today I didn’t do much simply because I slept a little longer and had only a few hours over to cook lunch/dinner, wash my hair and get ready for work. So now I have to step out of the door and walk my way to the bus. I still work in the home…

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  • Thursday

    april 4, 2013

    Watching some TV while blogging – good times!

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  • !

    februari 28, 2013

    Hey guys! Sorry I’ve been kinda MIA but a lot of (good) things are going on in my life right now – I will explain everything to you in a blog post as soon as I possibly can (hopefully next week), that way you’ll know the reasons why I don’t update as often as I…

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  • Friday

    februari 1, 2013

    Hey loves! Long time no see – I know and I’m sorry about that. I’ve been preoccupied with different things for some days now :} it’s my last semester of school and I’m trying to work things out with different essays while maintaining some kind of social life and also bring some money in.. I…

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  • 2 months

    december 28, 2012

    I’m celebrating two months with my babe today :} oh happy days! ❤

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  • Hypnotic

    december 25, 2012

    I’m so G L A D! I’m doing my final working-day after 5 straight days of work in a row. Tomorrow I will enjoy (or jostling with people really) a day of shopping. Like you all know, the Christmas Sales are crazy. I don’t know what happens to people when they see red labels, it’s…

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