• Right Now

    maj 11, 2017

    Mitt favoritmellanmål eller kvällssnacks är helt klart frukt! Jag har alltid gillar frukt och bär men nu när jag är gravid vill jag äta det hela tiden. Mest äter jag utav jordgubbar, nektariner, vindruvor, ananas, kiwi och banan. Längtar också efter riktigt goda meloner, tur att vi åker utomlands i sommar så jag kan få…

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  • Healthy Choice: Mini Pancakes

    mars 9, 2014

    As you may know, one of my favorite blogger is Suzie {Hello-October}, and I read her blog whenever there is something new to read {I also read things she has written several months/years ago.. not stalkerish at all..}. So Suzie posted a recipe of Hazelnut Pancakes and they looked so delicious that I had to roll…

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  • Healthy Choice: The Smoothie

    mars 3, 2014

    So I’ve been making some healthier choices these past two weeks or so, not only by starting exercising again, but also by cutting out a lot of my sugar intake. One of the things I’ve been making instead is the smoothie! I love to make them in different tastes and today I thought I’d share…

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  • Homemade latte

    november 12, 2013

    As requested here is how I put together my homemade café latte :} Hopefully you can make your own to enjoy very soon! 1. First of all gather all your ingredients. To succeed with the frothed milk you must use a barista milk of some kind (or any milk that can be frothed. You will…

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  • Protein Pancakes

    maj 1, 2013

    Hey guys! As I promised on Twitter, here’s the recipe on the healthy pancakes I made this morning for breakfast :} they’re so yummy! I ate the pancakes with quark and raspberries. For two people you will need: 2 bananas 2 eggs 2 tablespoons of quark  a tiny bit of salt. Mix everything together really…

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