• MAC Waterweight Foundation

    december 5, 2016

    For some time now I’ve been using the MAC Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation in NW20. The formula is light and runny. I like how easily it blends into the skin and the silky finish it leaves. Usually I use a buffing brush when applying the foundation, but I’ve also used a damp beauty blender with good…

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  • Flawless Base

    maj 14, 2014

    Lately I have been getting more self conscious of my skin and complexion and my strive for a flawless base has become a life mission of mine, of course, in a reasonable budget. So I have tried out different product combinations and at the moment these are the ones that are hands down the best.…

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  • Makeup Tutorial: A Pop of Glitter

    april 29, 2014

    So I filmed a new makeup tutorial for you guys where I experiment a little with glitter dust to make things a bit more interesting. I hope you like the look, and if you do please subscribe to my channel. The products I used to achieve the base for this look. I’m absolutely in love…

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  • March Beauty Favs.

    april 6, 2014

    Sorry guys for the delay of this video but like many of you know I have been preoccupied with work. Now, however, things have slow down a bit and I can’t stress enough how happy that makes me. Like I say in the video, March wasn’t exactly a beauty month for me. I had minimal…

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  • Sense of Pink

    mars 31, 2014

    Here is a pink makeup look I did several weeks ago but that I for some reason didn’t posted. Pink eyeshadow is a color that I can only wear when my eyes are having a good day, otherwise I look super tired. I also took these photos in florescent light so I’m not completely happy…

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  • Instant Freshness

    mars 30, 2014

    I want to say good morning everyone, but I think it’s highly inappropriate at this time. If you are following me on Instagram (@almson) I have been updating you on that I have a cold and that I didn’t feel so great. I can gladly tell you that I’m better and that I have more…

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  • Pure Pinks

    mars 18, 2014

    Pink is one of my favorite colors, both to look at and to wear. I like to think that I have a moderate relationship with the color and that I don’t use it too much. However, my boyfriend thinks the opposite. He has even forbidden any more pink intake into our bedroom – how rude!…

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