• Bra Tisdag

    november 14, 2017

    Tisdagkväll och snart dags för sängen. Idag har jag varit väldigt produktiv vilket jag inte förväntade mig alls. Jag gick upp vid 9-tiden och kände mig så seg och bara allmänt deppig. Efter lite frukost och kaffe så blev det lite bättre. Min plan för dagen var att jag skulle tvätta kläder och laga mat.…

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  • Things to Do

    juni 15, 2017

    Semestern började igår och det känns SÅ skönt! Det tar alltid ett par dagar innan man fullt kommer till insikt att jag inte behöver gå dit förens 10 augusti :-) sommaren kommer förhoppningsvis vara lugn, vi har planerat resa till Kroatien och Bosnien och däremellan tänkte jag vila (men ändå hålla igång), sy, baka, rensa…

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  • Being Sick

    maj 27, 2014

    One of the worst things in life is being sick, at least that’s how it feels when you actually are ill. Nothing else matters because there is no energy left in the body to do nothing but blow your nose and survive the day. Exaggeration is one of my specialties in life, so forgive me if…

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  • Things I Love

    maj 15, 2014

    My Bikbok Chanel Inspired Blazer/Jacket & My Pink/Gold Bow Clutch from Primark ♥ My beauty & fashion books. Red roses. Having a relaxing moment with a cup of coffee. Having a relaxing moment #2 but outside. Strawberries in everything. My mint green jeans. Moisturizers in all shape and sizes. I even made a blog post about them HERE. My…

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  • Weekly Snapshots

    maj 11, 2014

    Hello lovelies! I have a new round of pictures to share with you so I hope you’re ready for it. I’m in such a mood to photograph everything around me so the camera has been working quite a lot these past weeks (I have so much more in store that I’m planning on showing you…

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  • Insta Lately

    april 28, 2014

    So I’m sitting on my balcony and enjoying the weather with a cup of coffee, ice-cream, and freshly painted nails. Meanwhile I thought I’d show you what’s been going on on my Instagram lately (@almson) although, a few photos weren’t actually published I realized so the title is a little misleading, but you don’t mind…

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  • Life Lately

    april 23, 2014

    So the past week, or 12 days to be exact, I’ve been on Easter break. Isn’t that a wonderful benefit when working as a teacher? Anyway, here are a few photos I took randomly when I enjoyed my break. The picture above however, is taken before I even cut my hair, which happened weeks ago. Having…

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