• Söndagsbabbel

    november 12, 2017

    Hej på er! Jag sitter i köket, lyssnar på musik och passar på kvällsmaten. Jag gör en bosnisk rätt, en slags gryta gjord på vaxbönor som kokas i mjölk – så gott och att äta den med nybakt bröd är heaven! Idag har jag roat mig med att få lite mer ordning på bebis rum,…

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  • My Weekend

    oktober 15, 2017

    Den här helgen har gått i ett rasande tempo. I fredags var det nog första gången jag och mannen hade fredagsmys på riktigt i nya huset med TV-tittande och lite gott uppdukat så det var härligt. Lördag och söndag bestod mest utav att färdigställa lite detaljer här hemma med hjälp av mamma och pappa. Bland…

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  • IKEA

    maj 6, 2014

    If it’s something I both enjoy and dread it’s the warehouses of IKEA. I love to browse around and look at everything from bathroom interior to kitchen cabinet solutions – the inspiration I acquire in that store is religious almost. And the dreadful part then? Well, all the impulsive purchases and a bag full of ”must-haves” by…

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  • A Day In Life

    maj 4, 2014

    From time to time I enjoy to take random photographs of details and things I love. This I especially tend to do when the days are longer and brighter because the light is perfect almost the entire day. So the other day when I was free from work and went grocery shopping, I also snapped…

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  • Life Lately

    april 23, 2014

    So the past week, or 12 days to be exact, I’ve been on Easter break. Isn’t that a wonderful benefit when working as a teacher? Anyway, here are a few photos I took randomly when I enjoyed my break. The picture above however, is taken before I even cut my hair, which happened weeks ago. Having…

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  • Apartment Snaps

    april 16, 2014

    It’s been a while since I showed you recent pictures from my boyfriend’s and I’s apartment so why not give it a go now? We live in a one bedroom apartment that is quite roomy size-wise, however, there are still not much space to store things here which I find to be annoying, haha. Another…

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  • New Year’s Eve Dinner

    januari 6, 2014

    Let me show you some pictures of our New Year’s Eve :} We were totally 8 people and it was my biggest event cooking-wise so far. I think I did pretty good and I had great people helping me along the way. Overall I’m pleased with the evening and everything turned out almost exactly how…

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