• Breakfast Ideas

    maj 15, 2014

    I love breakfasts! It’s something about that new day feeling that make me enjoy my meal more than usual – and of course the first cup of coffee is always the most satisfying. Unfortunately I am not as creative during work-days as I am on my days off with my breakfasts. Let’s say it’s a…

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  • Healthy Choice: Strawberry Smoothie

    maj 13, 2014

    I use my blender frequently and I love to experiment with different fruits and flavors to get the perfect smoothie. This time I had some fresh strawberries at home and what’s better than to put a few of them in a refreshing drink? What I used:  3 strawberries / 1 banana / juice from 1…

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  • Something good for your soul

    maj 7, 2014

    First of all, throw back Thursday Wednesday in honor of my long hair. Second of all, who else loves a good smoothie? Since I do, I wanted to share with you one of my favorite green smoothies :} This serving is good enough for 2. Prepare: A blender (obviously)  / 1 kiwi / 1/2 dl mango  /…

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  • Healthy Choice: Avocado On Bread #2

    april 20, 2014

    The other day I posted one of my favorite snacking meals and how I like to eat it, I’m talking about the avocado and you can read the previous post HERE if you haven’t already. Here I’m having the delicious fruit (it feels weird to call it a fruit but that is its classification) with…

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  • Breakfast

    december 23, 2013

    American Pancakes w/ Nutella, Peanut Butter, Whipped Cream, Banana, & Raspberries

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  • The best meal of the day

    maj 6, 2013

    Hello lovely people! This morning I had a little alone time. My bf started a new job, so this was the first breakfast I had by myself in a very long time. When being a student, you tend to have time for long breakfasts {especially when writing a final essay from home}. I’m enjoying it…

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