• MOFT: Bronzed Eyes

    maj 22, 2014

    Hey beauties, hope you are well. I thought I’d show you my latest ”everyday” makeup routine (even though I don’t really wear the same makeup several days in a row). I’ve been doing my makeup like this for a few days and I really love how it turned out. It’s so summery and fresh and…

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  • Black & Blue Double Eyeliner Tutorial

    maj 8, 2014

    Hey lovely people! I hope you are well and healthy. I thought I’d show you one of my latest makeup creations, namely the double color eyeliner. I played around with an electric blue color, but you can use whatever color you prefer. For the look I used: Sigma Eyeshadow Base in Persuade. Maybelline Cream Eyeliner…

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  • Makeup Tutorial: A Pop of Glitter

    april 29, 2014

    So I filmed a new makeup tutorial for you guys where I experiment a little with glitter dust to make things a bit more interesting. I hope you like the look, and if you do please subscribe to my channel. The products I used to achieve the base for this look. I’m absolutely in love…

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  • MOTD: Hidden Gold

    april 18, 2014

    Isn’t it nice to include a little bit of color to the eyelids? I did this makeup look just a day or two before I cut my hair. I went with a light shimmery color all over the lid and then I blended a light pink color in the crease and outer part of the…

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  • Birthday Outfit & Makeup

    april 13, 2014

    So finally I had time to upload and edit the pictures of my birthday outfit and makeup :} I kept it pretty simple because I wanted to be pretty yet comfy at home when meeting friends and family (last Tuesday). I went for a neutral makeup with bold eyeliner and false corner eyelashes. I only…

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  • Sense of Pink

    mars 31, 2014

    Here is a pink makeup look I did several weeks ago but that I for some reason didn’t posted. Pink eyeshadow is a color that I can only wear when my eyes are having a good day, otherwise I look super tired. I also took these photos in florescent light so I’m not completely happy…

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  • A Drugstore Makeup Look

    mars 21, 2014

    Finally I filmed a new makeup tutorial for you! It’s a bit hectic at my job at the moment, but hopefully it will slow down soon :} I am trying my best to keep the blog updated, but I can’t promise that there will be posts every day. I decided to do a makeup look…

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