• Unnar mig lite nytt

    november 17, 2017

    Igår fick jag hem mitt skönhetspaket som jag beställt från eleven. Passade på att unna mig lite nya skönhetsprodukter (tröstshopping) då det känns som en evighet sen jag sist köpte smink. Jag har länge varit inne på att göra något med mitt hår, men ville inte färga det riktigt ifall jag ångrar mig och vill…

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  • Original

    augusti 4, 2014

    Hey guys! Long time no see, I know, but my summer has been full of ups and downs and I haven’t had time nor lust to update my blog. Anyway, things are better now and my blogging lust is back, that’s why I decided to show you one of my recent worn makeup looks. I used…

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  • MOFT: Bronzed Eyes

    maj 22, 2014

    Hey beauties, hope you are well. I thought I’d show you my latest ”everyday” makeup routine (even though I don’t really wear the same makeup several days in a row). I’ve been doing my makeup like this for a few days and I really love how it turned out. It’s so summery and fresh and…

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  • New Favorite

    maj 20, 2014

    I purchased a new nail polish by Isadora. It’s called Pure Coral and I am in love with it. Look how glossy and colorful it is with only 1 coat. I’m getting more and more impressed by this brand ♥

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  • Flawless Base

    maj 14, 2014

    Lately I have been getting more self conscious of my skin and complexion and my strive for a flawless base has become a life mission of mine, of course, in a reasonable budget. So I have tried out different product combinations and at the moment these are the ones that are hands down the best.…

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  • 4 Cute Hairstyle Ideas for Summer

    maj 13, 2014

    Hey lovelies! I have put together a quick little video where I show you 4 different hairstyles I would wear this summer. They are not exactly tutorials, but rather ideas that you can think of if you find that your inspiration runs shortly :-) I hope you find them helpful, and perhaps you already know…

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  • My Body Moisturizers ♥

    maj 9, 2014

    I think that most of us girls love to use different moisturizers for our bodies, not only for fighting dry/dehydrated skin, but also because of the lovely smell some products have. I thought I’d show you the collection of my body moisturizers and how I store them. From Victoria’s Secret: Coconut Passion Hydrating Body Lotion / True Escape Hydrating…

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