When Things Fall Together

A couple of months ago I kinda lost one of my best friends in a silly misunderstanding regarding different pointless things. We did not speak for so long and that made me sad even if I pretended that it didn’t. A couple of weeks ago we worked things out and I got her back I am now so happy to have her in my life again, to share the good and the bad. To laugh and cry together, to be stupid in a way that only we can. Our 16 years of friendship is hard to walk away from, and I’m glad I didn’t. The time we had apart only made us stronger and even if the fight was sad so did it some good. We are now closer than we have ever been before.

So take care of your friends, show them appreciation, love, care. Laugh a lot, stop talk trash and be happy and thankful for what you got!

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Thank you for everything.

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