• >Shorts and talk

    juni 26, 2010

    > H&M shorts & vest top | MQ belt | Lindex bracelet  So my 4 hours break are almost over. I‘m working today from 7-12 and then from 16-21. So while I’m drinking my beloved coffee I thought I’d post…

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  • >Brown on blue eyes

    juni 17, 2010

    > Google picture Lovely summery picture. I love her necklace, so gorgeous and her eye make-up too :D

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  • >Work-blue

    juni 12, 2010

    > Work uniform | Taken with my MacBook I’m all set up for work :) Just need to eat something and then I’m ready to work until 21.30. Makes me kinda sad that I can’t see the first half of…

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  • >Help, I have pink pants!

    juni 7, 2010

    > H&M flats | Gina tricot chinos/trousers | ONLY vest | H&M bracelet | Pictures taken by me Well, there is an explanation why my head isn’t in any picture :P and basically, I stood to close to the camera…

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  • >Touch of purple

    maj 29, 2010

    > Vero Moda leggings | H&M dress | Zoul suede jacket Yesterday me and two of my friends went to the movie theater. We saw Sex and the city. Such a good movie, and really funny too, big recommendation if…

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  • >Kristen Stewart inspired look

    mars 16, 2010

    >Hello beautiful people!I did an look inspired by Kristen Stewart (picture in the video). I know that it is not identical, but it is not suppose to be (since it is inspired). I did tone the look down a little…

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  • >Emmy Rossum inspired look

    mars 15, 2010

    >Hey guys!I did a Emmy Rossum inspired look. I don’t know what exact colour she used since the picture wasn’t the greatest, but it looks like she’s wearing pink and peach. (The picture of her is in the video). Hope…

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