• november 16, 2010

    > a1meida | Youtube | Subscribe! Here’s a little makeup-tutorial, how to look fresh and natural :) hope you like it!–En liten tutorial på hur du kan se fräsch och naturlig ut! Hoppas ni gillar det :)

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  • >Born in the 80’s

    november 13, 2010

    > Photo taken/edited by me Don’t you guys just love my 80’s outfit, with leggings and all? :D It’s very comfy at least.–Visst är min 80’tals outfit härlig, med leggings och hela köret? :D Väldigt bekvämt iaf :)

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  • >Happiness

    november 9, 2010

    > Photo taken w/ my MacBook A few days old picture but it was the first one I found :) so anyways. I have done a lot of stuff today! I did study (good for me!), I cleaned my room…

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  • >Good time.

    november 8, 2010

    > Photo by: Rick Nunn | Flickr Drinking coffee with Nadja :) –Dricker kaffe med Nadja. Tihi

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  • >Oh.

    november 7, 2010

    > Lovely

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  • >Flowery

    november 4, 2010

    > Bikbok dress | H&M leggings/accessories | Gina tricot accessories/waistcoat | Photos taken/edited by me Today! The pictures were taken before my haircut, pictures on that will be up ASAP :)–Idag! Bilderna är tagna innan frisörbesöket. Bilder på håret kommer…

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  • >True story

    november 1, 2010

    > Pictures taken w/ PhotoBooth/MacBook So the story goes… Picture #1 – I’M SO EXCITED about writing my essay (advanced level in Globalization GAH!), about international trade and the real price we pay when buying cheap clothes (the example company…

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