• >OOTD: My fringe top

    februari 21, 2011

    >Helluu beautiful people! Here’s one outfit of the day for you. A lot of photos but I hope that’s alright :) I love this top, it’s so simple but yet.. different? Haha.. can’t wait for warmer weather when I will…

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  • >Youtube: My favorite nail polishes

    februari 9, 2011

    > Here’s a video showing my favorite nail polishes :) I hope you enjoy it! x Support my Youtube-channel by Subscribing! x

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  • >OOTD: A while ago

    februari 8, 2011

    >Hello gorgeous readers! I had my exam today and I just wanted to enlighten you that it went well. Better than I thought :) so I hope I pass and get the highest grade, muhahaha. Now, to the topic! I’ve…

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  • >Looking FAB

    februari 7, 2011

    > Olivia Palermo [don’t remember where the photo’s from!] Loving her make-up on this photograph! She looks so cute, like a little doll or something else sweet :)

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  • >Check out the feather duster on my head

    februari 6, 2011

    >Good morning! It’s a lovely day outside. The sun is out, but the degrees (c) is probably under minus. I haven’t checked but it looks like it’s a bit cold. However, it doesn’t matter since it’s sunny! Today I will…

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  • >OFTD: Faux Fur

    januari 29, 2011

    >Here’s an old picture, or not that old, since it’s taken last weekend. But it’s not a photo from today, there. It’s me standing somewhere in Stockholm, my aunt was the photographer, and I can’t help but notice that I…

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  • >updated: What’s in my purse/bag

    januari 18, 2011

    > Check it out! Please subscribe to my Youtube channel!

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