• >Back on Track

    april 26, 2011

    > So I’m finally back from Norway. It was a blast although we didn’t do anything special. The trip’s purpose was to visit my aunt and her family therefor we didn’t go to Oslo and bigger cities like that. But…

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  • >Wzzzzuuuup?

    april 23, 2011

    > Greetings from Norway! :)

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  • >a Girly (LONG) Tag!

    april 17, 2011

    >Haha, here’s something fun, if you have the nerv to watch the whole thing :) SUBSCRIBE TO ME! Link in the Sidebar!

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  • >It’s my birthday :)

    april 8, 2011

    >Hello! Today I’m turning 22 years YOUNG hhahaha.. no oldie yet :D I’m at the beginning of life :D no party today, but tomorrow it’s going doooooown! PhotoBooth pictures | Listening to Eminem – Space Bound (one of favs. right now!)

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  • >iPhone day summary #1

    april 4, 2011

    >Here’s a new category (iPhone stories) :) I will summarize my day every now and then with photos taken with my iphone, since that’s one thing I carry with me all the time. I think it’ll be fun! So I did…

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  • >Kim. K

    april 2, 2011

    > She looks amazing in this photo!

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  • >One day left

    mars 28, 2011

    >And finally I will be free for a couple of days :) before my next courses starts (next week). So tomorrow after the exam, me and bestie will work out and check out some stores and see if there’s something…

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