It all started with a growing interest for makeup – I can gladly blame my mother for that. Watching her applying makeup throughout the years of my childhood did waken my will to do the same. And so it began, with ”mascara only” through middle school, and the occasional one colored eyeshadow for ”picture days”. I didn’t start with heavier stuff until high school, yes, I’m still referring to makeup such as foundation, eyeliner, and bronzer, haha. When I started my university studies, my makeup interest grew slightly more coincidently when I discovered Youtube and Beauty Gurus. Around that time I started my first blog, and a year or two later I posted my very first Youtube video.

In June 2013 I graduated from university and I now work as an English Secondary Teacher. I am still wild about makeup, but my interests have grown to also include: clothes and fashion, interior and home decor, photography, being fit and active, cooking and baking, organizing, watching movies, burning candles, reading, and spending my days with the love of my life .

I hope you stick around if we somewhat share the same interests.

Happy reading friends!
Lots of Love


  • Manar

    juli 7, 2014 at 04:31

    Almeida<3 five minutes please, very important.
    Watch this: http://youtu.be/OeVT8JZfyno

    I love you and i hope you to be muslim ❤️
    God loves you ❤️

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