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september 6, 2016

This blog post can seem a bit confusing since I’m going to ”recommend” a product that I really don’t like that much. The thing is, when I buy something I expect it to be a certain way. For example, this dry shampoo by Big Sexy Hair, it says on the packaging that it is a ”volumizing dry shampoo.” The first word ”volumizing” is spot on because you’ll get great volume with this product. If you’re only looking for a volumizing product, then this one’s for you. However, the other two words on the packaging ”dry shampoo” – totally misleading.

In my book, a dry shampoo is supposed to reduce greasy hair in-between washes and overall make the hair fresher. I can agree to a certain extent that it reduces greasy hair, but at the same time, it gives the hair a really weird texture. You know when you have sprayed your hair with loads of hair spray and then slept in it and the day after you try to brush it out and somewhat succeed? Yeah, that’s the texture you’ll get with this product. 

So, can you understand my conflict with this product? I love that it gives great volume, but I hate to touch my hair with the product in it. I’m also not a huge fan of the smell… Now the big question is wether or not I will repurchase this again. The answer is: no. There are far better products out there for a cheaper price that will give a way better result than this one.

Here’s how my hair looked with the dry shampoo freshly sprayed in it.

Looking at these pictures I realize how summery they are and how exciting it will be to prep for fall with a darker dye.

Have you tried Big Sexy Hair’s Volumizing Dry Shampoo? I’m excited to know what your thoughts of it were/are? :-) x

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