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september 3, 2016

Happy Saturday! Today has been a great day even though I woke up with a sore throat. It really is bad timing to get sick this early into the school semester considering that we have a huge problem getting substitute teachers for our classes. Oh well, hope I feel better tomorrow :-)

Anyway, me and my husband got a lot of things done today, like cleaning our apartment and browsing stores in the city. I bought the cutest top and two pairs of tights. Now we’re relaxing in our sofa and soon it’s time to watch a movie. I want to see ”Daddy’s Home,” or some other comedy.

Meanwhile, here are some pictures I took with my phone that I recently published on Instagram. I love interior and pretty details in the home. I haven’t told you, but we bought a house! It will be a new construction house and the estimated building start is later this fall. We don’t have an exact date when everything will be done and we can move in but they have said somewhere between April-July 2017 – I can’t waaaaait!

I love a clean and bright kitchen with mixed interior.

The other night before we had dinner.

Panorama shot and sourdough in the making in my Kitchen Aid ❤︎

From yesterday’s movie night.

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