Re-organizing My Livingroom

augusti 4, 2016

So, lately I’ve been really neglecting my living room area. I mean, I’ve kept it clean and all, but the bookshelves-decor-styling has not been great to be honest. In fact, it has not been thought-out properly which you clearly can see from the before-pictures. Anyway, I thought I give it a go to improve the situation a bit and I’m overall pleased with the outcome!

As you can see the books in the right lower shelf are taking up too much space, they need to be spread out to 3 or 4 shelves. That will improve the dynamic and give a softer and more organized impression. There are too many candle holders in one place and the frames don’t really make sense in that spot.

My china is also not neatly organized, so that will have to improve too.

Here are the ”after-pictures” :-) I put two of the candle holders on the coffee table, together with a bubble bowl vase where I keep my beautiful roses (and one peony). Can you believe that they are actually fake? I mean, you can probably tell, but they are well made and don’t have that plastic feeling that some fake flowers do.

As for the shelves, I spread out the books, the candle holders, and the frames. Now I think it looks more organized and thought-out. A good tip is to arrange the items both vertically and horizontally. That way the shelves look more stuffed, but in a good way.


I also re-organized my ladder shelf. So in the bottom I have some board games and my Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual. Then I have the ”Paris-box” where I keep old birthday cards, wedding cards, etc. and as well as  a pink champagne (or is it a rosé wine?) that I got from my work colleagues when I got married. I also have some candle holders, a frame, a pink candy bowl, and a book called ”The Beauty Bible,” but in Swedish.

I also have our wedding cake topper in the shape of  a plexiglass heart. It has our names on it and the date we got married ❤︎ It is places in the ladder shelf.

This is now how the ”china shelves” look like. There’s our wedding guest book, our wedding thank you card, love letters, my vase where I kept my bouquet during the wedding reception, and, our champagne glasses from which we drank our first drink as married :-)

Here’s a close up of our thank you card. The inside holds one more picture of us and a thank you text, and the backside of the card has a picture of us walking away. I can make a separate post of the card if you are interested to see.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post. I now have a nice living room again and you got to see a glimpse of the before and the after. Let me know what you think, and if you have some tips on what I could have done differently. It’s hard to organize any kind of space in a way where it both is easy to clean and dust but still looks great. Yeah, I’m happy for now :-) xx

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