Bridal Makeup Looks

mars 22, 2016

I’m in the process of choosing a makeup look for my wedding. Like I’ve said before I wanted to do my makeup myself but my hair will be done by a hair stylist. I think that I want to focus on my eyes and bring more attention to them, but still not make them too heavy. If I do that I will keep my lips quite neutral and pinkish. I have also decided to get eye lash extensions instead of using falsies, so hopefully that will turn out good and I will not have to bother with mascara or eyelash glue :-)

These are my inspiration pictures, and out of all I like the first makeup look the best (the one with the tea cup). I will try and recreate it as best as I can and then photograph it in different lighting. The reason being all the shimmer that I’m not sure of how it will turn out in photos. If it looks bad, I can always tone down the shimmer a bit and hopefully it will look better. But we’ll see. It’s only like 60 something days left until the big day so I better get to it :-D

Pictures via Pinterest.

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