Breakfast Ideas

maj 15, 2014

I love breakfasts! It’s something about that new day feeling that make me enjoy my meal more than usual – and of course the first cup of coffee is always the most satisfying. Unfortunately I am not as creative during work-days as I am on my days off with my breakfasts. Let’s say it’s a good morning if I have my coffee and manage to do a peanut butter/banana sandwich :’) Anyway, I have 2 breakfast ideas to share with you today.

The first one is a fruity yogurt and granola serving in a glass. You start with pouring a little yogurt of your choice in the glass (I used vanilla yogurt), then you slice a banana and some strawberries an put a few slices in together with a few raspberries, sprinkle the fruit with granola. Now pour more yogurt over the granola and repeat the same process until you fill up your glass. I sprinkled some linseed and coconut flakes on top of the strawberries to make it a little more interesting. I ate this with a nutella hard rye bread.

Breakfast #2 is oatmeal porridge with a little almond milk, sliced strawberries, peanut butter, and cinnamon. To make sure that I stay full for some time (especially if I’m planning on working out later that day) I mix a smoothie to have with my porridge. In this specific one I had mango, half a banana, baby spinach, raspberries, almond milk, and vanilla yogurt.

What do you like for breakfast?

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