Healthy Choice: Avocado On Bread #2

april 20, 2014

The other day I posted one of my favorite snacking meals and how I like to eat it, I’m talking about the avocado and you can read the previous post HERE if you haven’t already. Here I’m having the delicious fruit (it feels weird to call it a fruit but that is its classification) with cottage cheese, red pepper, herbal salt, and one fried egg. I also did a smoothie on banana, raspberries, kiwi, natural yogurt, and milk. So yummy!

Tips: Sourdough bread, which is what I use most often if I’m not having hard rye bread, is high on protein and more healthy for you than other breads. If you toss it into the toaster for 2 minutes it will get just enough crispy and even more delicious.

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