Lately on my face

mars 13, 2014


Hello wonderful people, hope you all are doing great! I’m feeling good at the moment but I feel way more tired than usual duo to a lot of tests and preparations at work – teacherslifedeluxe. Hopefully it will all settle down in April (my birthday month wiiii).

So, lately on my face I have enjoyed minimum and natural makeup not only because I’m lazy in the mornings (haha) but also because less is more on my skin right now :}. I think my skin lacks some serious amount of D-vitamin so that’s why it looks dull – no matter how much illuminating products I use beforehand. The main mistake I did, and I found out about this the hard way, was that I used too much products, naturally because I wanted to camouflage my imperfections. Instead, to use a CC Cream, little concealer, blush, and bronzer to warm up my face, turned out to be a huge success!

I also decided to give my eyes some rest from eyeliner and eyeshadow, so this week I have only used mascara (with a neutral eyeliner in the inner corner for some brightness). This has given me enormous possibilities to wear whatever color I want on my lips, especially now that my cold sore is goooone! In the picture below I have on Benefit’s Lipstick in Candy Store.

How do you wear your makeup these days?

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