juli 22, 2015

    Not too long ago I decided to have a look into my makeup collection and bring forth some products I haven’t used in a while. My focus was mainly eyeshadows because I felt that lately my looks have been monotonous with always the same color range and what not. So I decided to do a…

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    juli 14, 2015

    Since it’s summer I find it always fun to experiment with colors I normally don’t wear during the rest of the year – like teal and blue shades. In this makeup look I am wearing Steamy by MAC, it’s a beautiful, frosty, teal color that I put all over my lid. The teal color goes…

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    juli 9, 2015

    I tend to switch up my makeup quite frequently, but whenever my inspiration is missing I go to my favorite look – eyeliner and a colorful lipgloss. Right now I’m really into liquid eyeliner, but I also like the Rimmel cream eyeliner. I find it to be pigmented and extremely easy to work with. The…

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    juli 3, 2015

    I’ve been debating whether or not I would go lighter with my hair this summer. At first I decided not to but the more I browsed through pictures on Pinterest and WeHeartIt I slowly started to change my mind. So I bought two highlighting kits #106 and a light blond #3 color to go over…

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    april 29, 2015

    Spring time is one of my favorite seasons. I love how everything awakens and how prominent all nature’s colors get. I also love the makeup – especially orangey colors that have been put to rest during winter. My favorite one at the moment is Dare by Make Up Store, a matte color that requires extra…

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    april 21, 2015

    Recently I have loved to wear my hair straight with red lips and eyeliner. I also think that the light warm eyeshadows complements the red lipstick well, as well as my skin tone. This is definitely my go to look when I don’t know what makeup to use. The only thing I need to keep…

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    april 19, 2015

    Sometimes my hair drives me crazy. I have no idea why some days are super-awesome-hair-days and some are paper-bag-over-the-head.  It’s probably because of hormones.. Anyway, when I have those ”paper bag hair days” I tend to wear my hair half up in a tiny little pony tail. The pony tail can easily be braided into…

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