• Unnar mig lite nytt

    november 17, 2017

    Igår fick jag hem mitt skönhetspaket som jag beställt från eleven. Passade på att unna mig lite nya skönhetsprodukter (tröstshopping) då det känns som en evighet sen jag sist köpte smink. Jag har länge varit inne på att göra något med mitt hår, men ville inte färga det riktigt ifall jag ångrar mig och vill…

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  • Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue

    mars 26, 2017

    Meet my newest beauty addition – The Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue. It’s a tinted cream that works great as a primer or on its own if you want a lighter coverage. I like the product but it takes a lot of it to get good coverage, especially for me as I at the moment am…

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  • MAC Waterweight Foundation

    december 5, 2016

    For some time now I’ve been using the MAC Waterweight SPF 30 Foundation in NW20. The formula is light and runny. I like how easily it blends into the skin and the silky finish it leaves. Usually I use a buffing brush when applying the foundation, but I’ve also used a damp beauty blender with good…

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  • Big Sexy Hair

    september 6, 2016

    This blog post can seem a bit confusing since I’m going to ”recommend” a product that I really don’t like that much. The thing is, when I buy something I expect it to be a certain way. For example, this dry shampoo by Big Sexy Hair, it says on the packaging that it is a…

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  • Pink Polish

    augusti 8, 2016

    Strawberry Ice Cream by Barry M is one of my favorite light pink nail polishes. Unfortunately it is discontinued so when I run out of this I have to search for a new favorite one, buhu! It’s a pity since I really like the texture of Barry M’s polishes, and they are very pigmented as well.…

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  • Wedding Makeup Trial

    maj 21, 2016

    It’s crazy to think that I actually am getting married next Saturday. Most major wedding related things are done apart from deciding how my makeup will be. I know about 80% of what products to use and how I want my makeup to appear, but I’m still a bit unsure of the eyeshadow look. In these pictures…

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  • Bridal Makeup Looks

    mars 22, 2016

    I’m in the process of choosing a makeup look for my wedding. Like I’ve said before I wanted to do my makeup myself but my hair will be done by a hair stylist. I think that I want to focus on my eyes and bring more attention to them, but still not make them too heavy.…

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