• >Shorts

    maj 15, 2011

    > So when I was at H&M several weeks ago I wanted these shorts so bad. They are so cute  but sadly also very see-through! I did buy them because optimistic as I am, I thought I would find a way to wear them without exposing my underwear and my butt  however, I failed miserably  so I returned…

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    maj 4, 2011

    > Here’s some things I no longer use (or have never used since the size is too small/big), hopefully you can find something to buy from me :) this time it’s only open for Swedish buyers (but if there’s a big interest next time I put out auctions I can make it international). Här är…

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  • >Blank Leather

    maj 3, 2011

    > Except for it’s not leather, haha. It’s a different material of some kind but it looks freaking fierce. Love the wet look! Photo taken/edited by me

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  • >Two New Tops

    maj 1, 2011

    >  Black top from Bikbok & the other from H&M. v Photos taken/edited by me

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