• Wear to Work #5

    november 27, 2016

    Hello again! December is just around the corner and I can’t believe how fast the days are passing by. It feels like only yesterday I accepted November as the new month. Oh well. Here’s an outfit I wore to work the other day. I love how it looked put together but still warm. My secret…

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  • Wear to Work #4

    november 6, 2016

    Happy Sunday, right? :-) I actually tend to like Sundays quite a lot, mostly because I have no obligations and can do whatever I feel like doing. It’s also the perfect day to have a pampering session – which I had just recently. Now I have freshly painted nails on my toes and fingers, I…

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  • White Turtleneck

    oktober 31, 2016

    Here is an outfit I wore when I went to visit my parents right after work. As you can see it was still ”warm enough” to wear flats. I love to wear these pants mainly because they’re so comfortable, but also because they are stylish and classy. Just this particular day I chose to pair…

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  • Wear to Work #3

    oktober 18, 2016

    Today was an ordinary day at work, apart from the power outage we had for an hour, so I had to improvise my lesson. I thought it went well though considering that nothing electronic worked, haha. Anyway, Tuesdays are my favorite days (after Fridays of course) just because I have few lessons, and I can go…

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  • Wear to Work #2

    september 21, 2016

    Happy Wednesday everyone! I’m waiting for the Swedish Idol to start for the evening and after that I like to watch a baking show. Wednesdays are one of my favorite days during the work-week. Mostly because when I get home, I know that there’s only 1 and a half day until the weekend (and, because…

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  • Fur Love & Darker Roots

    september 18, 2016

    And, it’s Sunday again. I can’t believe how fast these weeks are flying by. Today is already September 18th and before we know it, October will come knocking on the door. Anyway, I can gladly inform you that I have dyed my roots a medium dark color and my hair feels more suitable for fall.…

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  • Rustic & White

    september 15, 2016

    I recently bought this cute lace top in a rustic color. I love the details and the material of the top and how well it goes with white pants (or skirts). I haven’t tried it with other colors yet, but I bet it looks fab with black, and navy as well. These outfit photos were…

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