May 18, 2015 21:54 by Alms

So, I guess I’m flying to London in two days. We are actually leaving tomorrow in the middle of the night to get to the airport and be there on time since the flight departures really early on Wednesday morning. Excited much? Hell yeah. The trip will mainly be about shopping and to spend time with our travel-buddies (meaning my boyfriend and I, my boyfriend’s brother and his girlfriend, and, my brother and his girlfriend). When going on a shopping trip it is important to leave PLENTY of room in the suitcase for the purchased items. I’m allowed to bring 20kg which probably will be more than enough. That being said, I can’t go with an empty suitcase because I obviously need a few clothes that I can switch up in case I don’t find anything to buy in London.. like that’s going to happen :-)

Here is a few items that I will bring, not all are identical to my clothes but they are close enough. I also included a few items that I am planning on buying in London. On to my packing list:

  • Black Skinny Jeans: just because they are so versatile and easy matching to pretty much anything. The ones I bring are a bit higher in the waist so it’s more flattering on the figure.
  • Navy Blue Skirt: it’s easy to wear and goes well with coral color and white colors. I am planning on wearing the skirt when we go out to dinner or as a back up choice in case I don’t feel like wearing anything else.
  • Beige Skinny Jeans: because they look awesome with heels and a nice blouse.
  • Navy Blue Cardigan/Blazer: we can’t trust the weather in London, so this one will hopefully keep me warm in case I need it + I’ve worn it so many times and it looks good with a lot of pairings.
  • Lace Top, White Wrap Blouse, Coral Blouse, White T-Shirt: pretty much all tops that I need to complete my outfits. I trust that I will find some nice ones in London as well, but these will do for what I have in mind to wear at the moment.
  • Navy Blue Coat/Or Leather Jacket: can you tell that I love the navy blue color? I’m actually torn between wearing this coat or my black leather jacket. I’m a bit self-conscious because I have decided to travel in my Converse (most likely) and I don’t know if they will go well with the coat. I guess we’ll see tomorrow..
  • Sunglasses: a must if we get some sunshine..
  • Beige Bag: to carry around while shopping. I like that mine has a strap as well as handles, that way I can put it across my body if I get tired of carrying it in my hands.
  • Black Pumps: I’m planning on buying over there.
  • Beige Flats: will most likely bring with me (or if I decide not to because I am planning on buying black flats in London..)
  • Accessories: like a statement necklace, a cocktail ring, a statement arm bangle, my watch, headphones, a clutch, and a cute nail polish.
  • Nike Air Force/Or Converse: This is the one I am most uncertain of, because my original plan was to buy the Air Force(s) in London because I thought that they were cheaper, but when looking at the prices I realized that that is not the case. So I will see if I buy them the last day of our stay or if I get them here in Sweden. In that case, I will be bringing my navy blue, low, Converse instead.


My list is a big unsure, haha, but that’s because I put it together a few weeks ago when I didn’t know all the details about a few items I’ve been eying. I will of course bring a few other things (like makeup, underwear, umbrella, and all), but I thought that it is better to focus on clothes since I believe that is what most girls struggle with when starting packing. Anyway, I hope you found this helpful and perhaps that you got a few inspiring ideas regarding packing and the outfit pairings.

Sleep tight!


May 11, 2015 21:34 by Alms

I never thought that I’d be using this Vila dress as much as I have when I purchased it. I thought that it was somehow too fancy to wear on a daily basis but when matching it with the right items it can be toned down into a casual outfit piece. This specific day I chose to pair my lovely dress with a Chanel-inspired “blazery” cardigan mainly because I feel that a cardigan is less dressy than an actual blazer, so obviously, it tones down the whole appearance. To wear the hair a bit messy also helps to to whole casual presence.

The rest of the outfit I kept pretty neat. A bow belt to define my waist is a fairly simple item in my book, as well as a watch and an arm bangle ♥

Dress & Cardigan – Vila / Belt – New Look / Arm Bangle – Forever 21



May 5, 2015 20:09 by Alms

The rain is pouring outside and I have just finished grading my 8th grader’s reading comprehensions. Speaking of my work, I can’t believe it’s only like 20 something days left until summer break (weekends not included in the counting, haha). Anyway, I think I deserve an evening in front of the TV watching soccer with my man, or if do the latter but reading a book instead – we’ll see.

Here’s an outfit I wore when the sun was out couple of days ago :-)

Chinos – Gina Tricot / Blouse – Lindex / Necklace – H&M