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1. My favorite nail polish this fall – Brick by Gina Tricot / 2. My husband bought me some SPA-products from the famous Swedish Loka Brunn / 3. New details for our home + I finally changed the battery to my New Look watch / 4. I love cozy and chic jumpers / 5. On the 28th of October me and the husband celebrate 4 years together, and 5 months as married, so he bought me an Odd Molly cardigan (love it!), I bought him a Playstation 4 :-) we exchanged gifts a week early, just because I couldn’t contain my excitement to give him his eagerly awaited game console

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House Update

Just a few weeks before our wedding (May 28th -16) me and my husband bought a house! The house doesn’t technically exist since it hasn’t been built yet. And frankly, it has been a slow process, especially for an inpatient person like myself.. for several months it has been very quiet about the building from the contractors, but finally we have started receiving more information and they said that the building has started!

So, expectantly, we went to the construction yesterday to see the progress, and yes, they have started preparing the ground for the building – I’m so excited! We are still awaiting new information about when everything is expected to be ready, so I’m looking forward to that. Since the contractors are building a whole new neighborhood it will take some time to finish everything. That’s why we don’t expect to move in before next fall (2017) at least, but it can take longer than that.

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We started off our day in a slow pace with breakfast and coffee. Now, however, we have plenty of things to get done. I will make two meals for the upcoming week. One of the meals will be a “minute steak” casserole with mashed potatoes – so yum! And, the other meal will be fried chicken with potato gratin :-) My husband will take care of the laundry and tidying up in the living room. 

Other than that, there is the usual to do on Sundays – prepare for a new work-week, showering/pampering, etc.

How do you spend your Sundays?

Bread rolls I made a few days ago – perfect to freeze whilst fresh and defrost during the weekend!

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Wear to Work #3

Today was an ordinary day at work, apart from the power outage we had for an hour, so I had to improvise my lesson. I thought it went well though considering that nothing electronic worked, haha. Anyway, Tuesdays are my favorite days (after Fridays of course) just because I have few lessons, and I can go home around two o’clock :-). This is what I wore to work this Tuesday.

Jeans – Really old ones from H&M / White Sweater – Lager 157 / Watch – New Look / Bracelet – Gina Tricot

Hope you all had a good day! x

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Wear to Work #2

Happy Wednesday everyone!
I’m waiting for the Swedish Idol to start for the evening and after that I like to watch a baking show.

Wednesdays are one of my favorite days during the work-week.

Mostly because when I get home, I know that there’s only 1 and a half day until the weekend (and, because there are good shows on TV). Nonetheless, I started a new “outfit-post-series” a week ago or so called “Wear to Work” where I quickly snap some photos of an outfit I wore to work recently. If you missed my first Wear to Work post, you can see it here.

Grey Tights – H&M / Navy Blue Lace Dress – Zara (similar HERE) / Belt – Gina Tricot (similar HERE) / Chanel Inspired Blazer – Bik Bok (similar HERE) / Watch – Gant

I paired this outfit with black nails (from Barry M) and a pair of regular black flats. x

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