My Bachelorette Party

Approximately a month before my wedding day my bridesmaids woke me up (and scared me like crazy) in the morning. The we had breakfast which they prepared and I was informed to pack things that I thought I might need for a weekend trip. I had no idea what to pack since they wouldn’t tell me where we were going, but they at least said that it would be a good idea to bring a bikini. After that we went to the train station and I had to wear the “Bride to be” banner and the lovely bridal tiara all day long. At least I was happy that they didn’t put me in ugly clothes and made me do crazy tasks,  I don’t know if I would have been comfortable with that so early in the morning.

Anyway, by the time we reached the train station I already knew where we were going since N slipped and said “I hope it doesn’t rain in Stockholm” :-) So we went to Stockholm and the girls took me to a SPA-hotel where we hung out, bathed, enjoyed the sauna, and I even got a facial! After that we got ready (and a bit tipsy) and went to TGI Fridays for dinner – that was awesome by the way. The evening ended with us going clubbing. To sum it all up, I had a fantastic bachelorette party and I won’t forget it any time soon :)

There were so many ugly pictures from us bathing outside.. and I had to include at least one to share with the internet folks :P And FYI, this was one of the better ones..

Fridays had the best Raspberry Daiquiris I’ve ever had, but their brownie was a bit dry :P 

Some memorable moments:

  • When I got a shout out by the train conductor.
  • When so many middle-aged people came up to me and told me to not get married, lol.
  • All young people that came up to me were really psyched and excited for me to get married, so that was cool :)
  • The free lunch I got from the “kebab-guy,” he said it was my wedding gift.. :-D
  • The glass doors (and windows) to the bathrooms in our hotel rooms – that was a great bonding experience haha.
  • All girly girl songs that were played at the club – so much fun!

That’s it for today!
I will soon post pictures from our wedding day, although I haven’t yet got the photographer’s pictures, but hopefully I will soon! :)

/ xo

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Wedding Makeup Trial

It’s crazy to think that I actually am getting married next Saturday. Most major wedding related things are done apart from deciding how my makeup will be. I know about 80% of what products to use and how I want my makeup to appear, but I’m still a bit unsure of the eyeshadow look. In these pictures I tried out a soft smokey look, and even though it turned out really nice, I still felt like it wasn’t quite right. Tomorrow I will do a definite trial and I’m thinking that I want to deepen the brown eyeshadow in my outer v, and try a different blush. I will probably also change the lip color to a more nude-pink color and see if that contributes to a more romantic look.


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Bridal Makeup Looks

I’m in the process of choosing a makeup look for my wedding. Like I’ve said before I wanted to do my makeup myself but my hair will be done by a hair stylist. I think that I want to focus on my eyes and bring more attention to them, but still not make them too heavy. If I do that I will keep my lips quite neutral and pinkish. I have also decided to get eye lash extensions instead of using falsies, so hopefully that will turn out good and I will not have to bother with mascara or eyelash glue :-)

These are my inspiration pictures, and out of all I like the first makeup look the best (the one with the tea cup). I will try and recreate it as best as I can and then photograph it in different lighting. The reason being all the shimmer that I’m not sure of how it will turn out in photos. If it looks bad, I can always tone down the shimmer a bit and hopefully it will look better. But we’ll see. It’s only like 60 something days left until the big day so I better get to it :-D

Pictures via Pinterest.

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Longing for Spring

So there are a few more weeks left until it’s officially spring in Sweden and I can’t wait for it to get a bit warmer outside. It will be nice to put all wintery clothes and jackets aside and focus more on pastel colors and lighter layers :-) {not to mention my wedding in May}. Meanwhile, I browsed through Pinterest and found lots of style inspiration to keep me from thinking about the snowfall happening outside my window.

Anyway, I’ve been sick with a lighter version of the flu which sucked, but thankfully I am feeling loads better and my energy is back fully charged :-) My only dilemma right now is whether I will continue reading “The Book Thief” of watch a movie? Decisions, decisions…

Happy Monday to you all! ❤︎

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My Wedding Shoes

I’ve debated back and forth with myself whether or not I should reveal my bridal shoes. Well, you can clearly see the outcome of which side won the debate (the yes-side).. I thought that they deserve a little extra love since they will be mostly hidden underneath my wedding gown on the big day.

The sandals are from Essence Menbur and they are the perfect white shade with a pretty bow in the back. The gems and rhinestones I crafted on myself because I thought they looked too plain without a little bling :-) They’re quite comfortable but I definitely need to walk them in a bit more before the wedding. Also, the heel height is somewhere between 9-10cm so they are quite normal. I’m 170cm tall without heels so with these on I look even taller in my opinion. I guess it is nice when carrying a gown because it gives more of a gallant illusion. I also didn’t need to do any alteration on my wedding dress, neither on the length because of the shoes nor the waist. So now I just need to keep my shape, haha. I can’t believe we’re getting married in 4 months…

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